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Have you heard of Epigenetics and the new science of creating your future? By embracing this new science and step by step instructions outlined in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and workshops my wife and I have tripled our income (and we already made pretty darn good money).  We recently attended one of Dr. Joe’s Workshop Intensives in the Santa Cruz Mountains and obtained his newly released book, “Becoming Supernatural – How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon” – and I must say this is Dr. Joe’s best book yet. It is the culmination of many years of  research and workshops worldwide (all were sold out!)  and if you are interested in changing your future and no longer being held back living in the past,  this is the book for you. If you liked Dr. Joe’s “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” you will love this one!

In addition to creating abundant wealth (you should hear some of the testimonials) this practise is also producing abundant health – another thing my wife and I are extremely grateful for (no meds, no joint replacements, etc. etc.).  In the last few years we have taken many Cruises to multiple countries and each time we did a lot of lengthy shore excursions (i.e. Pompeii was a whole day tour in triple digit heat – back in my overweight/unhealthy/bad nutrition old days I would have had a stroke)  and were Blessed to be able to hike/enjoy all of them (I have seen tourists younger than us medevaced back to the ship after having heart attacks).  If you want to enjoy life your health is so important (if you read Steve Jobs last words about life he gets very specific about money meaning nothing without good health and balanced state of mind).

If you want true success you need to awaken the Superconscious within – becoming a Quantum Master will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s a 2 minute overview on how this process works:

Did you hear the testimonials on spontaneous remission of fatal diseases after attending the advanced workshops? The doubter in us tends to dismiss or tune out such things since they are pretty unbelievable – except Dr. Joe has meticulously recorded transformations using state of the art equipment and even hired experts to make sure all brain wave and heart energy measurements are accurate and well documented. One of my favourite video testimonials is by a Cancer patient whose tumors dissolved and she was cancer free (her oncologist was shocked) – and now there are hundreds of stories like Sandra’s – let’s just say this “work” is worth the effort.

Love & Gratitude – Key Ingredients of this Work

Today’s blog post started after a complete gush of love and gratitude filled me after my 4 am meditation – I couldn’t write fast enough and each feeling of gratitude was quickly followed by another – and when I stopped writing,  an Owl started hooting outside my window by my chair (I added that entry to my gratitude journal too – we call him Hooty and he is cute as could be). As the sun peaked over the Mountain I was once again flushed with incredible gratitude, because, as you may know, our Mountain Dream Home was a couple of blocks from being incinerated by a 100 foot wall of flame from the Napa County Atlas fire – it is a joy to see the gorgeous Valley floor every morning.

Angels All Around Us

Even though we had fires all around us and were gasping from smoke inhalation, I felt a divine presence the whole time.  As we were evacuated at 1 am October 8th, in pitch black darkness and seeing the massive glow from raging fires along the ridgelines above us – I still felt all was OK on the way to the shelter in Calisoga (which had to also be evacuated when the wind changed).

I still get tears in my eyes when I see this picture – the brave first responders who were helping us all leave (185 homes) must have known how big this fire was, yet they showed up at our door at 1 am and went to every door in our community all night long! Between the brave Firefighters stopping the fire in its tracks (I think they had help from angels when the wind changed from 70 mph to 10 mph) and staying on site putting out spot fires for days it was a miracle come true our homes were still there. I get choked up and  overwhelmed with Gratitude while writing this post – once again I want to thank everyone who helped our precious Mountain Community (and our awesome neighbors who cooked up the biggest and best potluck dinner party to honor the first responders – what an amazing evening at the fire house!).

Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

The fire storms and life choking smoke and pollution from the fires were the worst in California history and I had visions of the Apocalypse at times…wondering if this was going to happen worldwide. However, the bonding and connecting I have seen since then is nothing short of amazing, and I have to marvel at how much bonding and camaraderie have come from this disaster.  I also had an epiphany and a vision so awesome I am beyond inspired!

The Vision

Envision a Global fundraising campaign that empowers all that get involved, instilling belief and empowering people where before there was doubt.  Shortly after the fires I did a blog post on my web site and it was all about changing the world –  Click here to see that post. (take a good look at the numbers – we are talking about helping millions of  people and redistributing millions of dollars to “we the people”).

Envision thousands of Charities sharing a massive revenue stream ( I have done 7 figure contracts with Puritii Bulk Buyers – imagine charities like  (with  global supporters) coming on board, and some of the amazing Silicon Valley companies using Puritii bottles vs plastic water coolers and bottled waters,   If we build this right there will be many Charities earning 100k a month RESIDUAL income (he ARIIX compensation plan was voted #1 for a good reason – watch Tim Sales How to Earn 1 00k a month training).

Imagine all the wonderful things we could do with multiple Charities getting massive residuals while helping the world become a greener place.

I just started looking for people to work with on this vision and if you like what you see fill out my contact form and I’ll tell you the next step.

Cheers from the Mountain!
Marcus Cox

PS – I just had a great call with my awesome Business partner and dear friend, Stephane Page, I recorded it. Stephane is one of the top leaders in my company (Chairman Level 2 – click here to see what Chairman level 2 gets paid) but he went through a long period of struggles (like I have) before the universe opened up for him.

Here’s the recording:


The Power of Letting Go

Recently presented with the “Best of the Best” award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the Direct Selling industry. My friend, mentor, and co-author,  Jim Britt, is a  world renowned peak performance coach, best selling author,  was recently named one of the top 20 living success coaches in the world, and was a high school dropout like I was  – and we both became millionaires in spite of not having a High School Diploma. Were you programmed to believe success was tied to getting good grades, a college degree, and then a good job?   You are not alone, most of us have heard this story since we started school, and  many of  us struggle to live up to other people’s expectations – at least what you think those people’s expectations are. If you bought into the concept you were a failure due to some concept you have on what failure is, did you know you can change everything by changing your mind – going beyond the box of opinionated knowledge you have programmed in your subconscious mind?

When I was a Monk, I went through some of the most rigorous mindset training on the planet, lived in a Monastery, and practiced  Atma-Vichar (the Yoga practice of self inquiry, or turning the mind back on itself ).  Living in the rarefied atmosphere of a Monastery it was painfully obvious when I made stupid remarks, spouted off about some trivia, or spewed opinions from the Monkey mind’s endless stream of pointless thinking – the words would literally hang in the air as I realized how dumb they were!  We meditated as much as 6 hours a day and practiced what the Buddhists called Mindfulness all day, everyday.  In modern day western science this process is called meta-cognition , or becoming aware of one’s thinking – in my “Going Beyond The Box” Chapter in Change Series Book 8 (that I co-authored with Jim Britt) I called it “assuming the witness position”. When you truly embrace meta cognition you won’t buy in to the so called problems you habitually dwell on most of the day (even at 3 am! Ever wake up and go through possible scenarios of what “might happen”?).  How about that stress you feel when you worry about the future or feel bad about the past – how does it feel to marinate in the hormones of stress (cortisol and Adrenalin are produced when your brain signals you are being threatened – even if it is imagined!) – it doesn’t feel good does it!

As you awaken the observer aspect of your mind (Tony Robbins calls this Tony Robins was mentored by Jim BrittAwakening the Giant Within),  you start to see what you think are problems as gifts to help you grow and live your true life purpose (you are totally special and have a unique gift to offer others – do not believe otherwise!).  The  F.U.D. (fear uncertainty and doubt) factory eventually has no effect on you and you start to be unreasonably happy for no particular reason.  If you were worried about money or lack thereof, when you embrace meta-cognition and the Power of Letting Go that sense of lack will be replaced with a feeling of abundance and joy, and just like they say in The Power of Attraction, you will attract money and smile as you watch abundance replace lack.  My wife and I have been diligently letting go of previously perceived problems and marveled as miraculous things have been happening . For example, first quarter 2017 Sandra did over $5 million in Real Estate sales after truly letting go of the memory of selling nothing in 2015  (multi-million dollar deals fell through repeatedly, etc.) – this was the best quarter she ever had – I know it was the Power of Letting Go. I remember focusing on people in my Network Marketing organization that “were not doing anything” (instead of  focusing on the ones that are) but after letting go of that focus my sales tripled as I had 2 seven figure earners join my team (one was a top earner in Korea that I did not even know – he joined my company because his company had a earnings cap at $1 million a year – he is happily rebuilding his team on my team and knows he is not limited now). AAnother unreasonable thing we normally would never do was after an amzaing Mediterranean cruise last fall we upgraded to Business class when we flew back from Rome – the doubter in me thought “this cost more than the cruise” but more than enough money appeared when we got home – you just have to let go.   Both scenarios are unreasonable and go against the work hard to achieve success concept we have all been programmed to believe, but when you truly learn the Power of Letting Go you will be amazed what can happen. Dr. Wayne Dyer says it another way: “Let Go Let God”.

Power of Letting Go Course from Jim Britt

Are you ready?

Click here to get Jim Britt’s Power Of  Letting Go Course now

Are You Ready to Own Your Own Life?

Albert Einstein said it perfectly when he made the statement ” Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result“.  If you want to be free to live your own life vs being a slave to F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) you need to embrace change!  You’re in luck…there has never been a better time in history to change your life than now.  

All the breakthroughs in quantum physics (did you watch “What the Bleep” with Dr. Joe Dispenza?), mind mapping, NLP, heart math, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, etc. and the amazing communications technology available, it is now possible to embrace change faster than ever before (if you turn off the TV long enough (LOL)). You can learn how to reprogram that crusty old Belief System (BS) you have been building since birth and marvel as miraculous changes happen in your life.

In my “Going Beyond The Box” chapter in Book 8 of the Change Series (a best seller on now) I speak of adopting “the witness position”,  where you become the observer vs the victim of all these things happening to you (aka – life!).  As your power of observation awakens, those crusty old tendencies and reactions that have made you do the same old same old (ever see Groundhog Day?) things every day start to drop away, you begin to rewrite your life. This is true Empowerment! 

In Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “You are the Placebo”, he describes in detail how your autonomic nervous system has been programmed/wired by reactions to experiences in your life,  since birth, and how those circuits can be rewired through observation and meditation.  I meditate every day at 4 am and can say with conviction what Dr. Joe is saying is real – my wife and I “get lit” every day reading his books and practicing his Meditation methods and our lives are changing quickly! If you ever read my “Live an Inspired Life and Watch Everything Fall in Line” Blog you know what I am talking about here – I wrote that a year ago and life has been more than amazing since then!

Oh, BTW, Dr. Joe is not the only one teaching how to rewrite your story. Tony Robbins has a course where he teaches “The Power of Letting Go of your old story will allow you to create a new one”. Are you ready to go beyond the box of opinionated knowledge that holds you back from greatness?

Pain and Suffering – the Great Teacher

Pic from Lotus of The Heart at Palani Temple, S. IndiaI was fortunate to have some great teachers early in my life and it saved me a lot of suffering thanks to their great wisdom. I became an Ashtanga Yoga scholar  and teacher and taught Yoga in 5 cities, talked on the radio, and had hundreds of students who shared my vision. We did Yoga daily, had retreats where we meditated as much as 6 hours a day, and shared breath taking moments of profound realizations and miraculous stories too. Eventually I was so in love with God I left my Yoga teacher job to become a renunciate Monk and focused on enlightenment through service. It was a magic period of my life, and you can see from the picture to the left I was deeply dedicated (and skinny!) to my chosen path.  I bring this magical story up because I want to demonstrate how powerful the Matrix is.  Back in the 70s we called the era of ego world (the Matrix) the “Kali Yuga”, and according to legend 2012 was supposed to be the ego end, aka the end of world as we know it (some call it Armegedon). We are 4 years into the Golden era or Satya Yuga now and if you like legends you may also hear about Angels returning (we have seen a lot of feathers dropping from the sky lately – a sign of Angels, right?). Want proof the Satya Yuga has started? You are still reading this  right? In the old days you would have thought me a nutcase and taken your browser elsewhere – something has changed!

All that lofty talk in the beginning of this blog is just that – lofty talk  – until your nervous system is connected enough and your brain cells fire correctly to allow you to concentrate. When you master concentration you can meditate and tap into the other 90% of your brain – aka the Superconcious mind (ever had an AHA moment? You can have that almost all the time!)

When I was a young Yogi I was incredibly healthy, would walk barefoot in the snow, lived in a van on Oakanogan lake (sometimes 10 below), took baths in the ice cold lake, and would then have deep meditations and insights into all that is. Life in the Monastery was even more intense than my longest Yoga retreat (ie. I did a 31 day water fast in the Monastery – longest I ever did outside the monastery was 10 day lemon juice fasts).

So How Did I Lose Consciousness on Such a Grand Scale?

After the Monastery I moved to Silicon Valley and began to quickly aquire bad habits, lose discipline, and get progressively  “dumbed down”, got fatter and fatter,  and turbo charged that with regular vacations to Mexico (love tortillas, burritos, and Tequila!).  Being continually programmed by CNN/daily news (like a daily  horror show!), trying to live up to other people’s expectations (or what you think are their expectations – i.e. I some times still feel guilty about never getting a high school diploma!), and my new obsession with eating excessive amounts of sweet, fake,  processed food led me to some serious health issues. Taking prescription drugs and  with multiple side effects made me feel even more exhausted and estranged…and the memory of life in the Divine presence and incredible connectivity became a distant dream . I felt like a victim in a big way when we went from multi-millionaires in 2008 to “upside down” after the Real Estate crash (we had been buying properties nothing down etc. for 15 years).

One day I had a mild heart attack during my 136 mile commute from work and I barely made the off ramp and stop without crashing. Not only was I exhausted, grumpy, and stressed by all that was happening, I was also in a fear trance of getting laid off by the new CIO (who was laid off from his company and now I was training one of his guys to do my job!).  My monkey mind was on a roll and I was going through all these scary scenarios in my mind: What if I died the next time? What if I got laid off? What if I crashed next time and was in wheelchair for life? How would I pay the medical bills? etc. The guy who was in love with each next moment was nowhere to be seen, in fact life kind of sucked at that moment.

Owning My Own Life

That great teacher, Mr. Pain and Suffering, worked his magic on me that day and I embraced change in a big way, and I didn’t even have to die from it either.  Not only did I lose over 60 pounds and rewire my cells with state of the art cellular nutrition, I started to notice life was falling in line again like my Flute of God days. I found myself working with a Team of incredible people, and working with 2 Super Stars, Mr. Tim Sales and my dear friend Stephane Page, and I learned more than ever before about how connecting (vs Salesmanship) and true Heart in Network Marketing was the real key to success.  Being able to go on Cruises with these amazing guys (the ARIIX Elite Cruise) is a dream too and we have a lot of fun as we build this Global family business.

Being able to build my biz online (vs my old 136 mile commute in grueling SF Bay traffic) allows me to live in the forest and build a global business (though our recent skin care line launch might have me leaving the hill to do some parties like in the old days again – it is pretty fun watching people look and feel 10 years younger in 90 seconds).  Owning my own life has also allowed my wife & I to take vacations we could only dream of over the last 20 years, including multiple cruises to dozens of countries, take our boat out during the week when there are no crowds,  and best of all I am now healthy enough to enjoy life vs be in pain  and tired all the time like I used to.

It all goes back to taking that first step to own your life – take a chance and do it! Everyone starts Network Marketing part time, the key is to embrace change, be consistent, and do what the Masters do (click here to see why Tim Sales joined ARIIX).

We can show you how to build a Global business with just 20 minutes a day on Facebook – no hype and no salesmanship required (I am allergic to sales pitches, how about you?) – and finally own your own life.

Let me know if you are ready…

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox


ARIIX Opportunity Company in Momentum

I was on our ARIIX President’s call yesterday and listened to “the revenue numbers” coming in from around the world – it was really exciting! It seems like it has been a long time since my first blog on Momentum, in fact there were times when I was impatient! It is like you and your team have been pushing an old jalopy up a hill (phew)and now it is starting to roll down the other side – in fact you couldn’t stop it if you tried (look at stopping a car at the top of one of the hills in SF and it is not difficult…try standing in front of it to stop it at the bottom of that hill and you get the picture).

When I wrote my first Momentum blog back in 2013 I talked about how ARIIX was at the beginning, and we were on the brink of doing $40 Million in revenue back then. I have seen momentum in a couple of other companies (i.e. in one company I had over 1,000 people join my team in one day) and know how exciting it can be.

I’ll use the same graphic I used back then:

Nuskin Momentum Phase










ARIIX Momentum Prophecy

On my first blog I had a recording where Tim Sales stated we would do over $150 million in the next year or 2 – he talked on how getting our full license in China (only 26 other MLM companies have done that). Well, we not only got our license but now we have a HUGE state of the art factory in China now and they are really kickin it (I have a former Nu Skin “Hawaiian Blue Diamond” in my downline now) – our Asian Teams are now doing better than our USA teams (friendly rivalry now)!

Enjoying the Momentum Ride – Deja Vue

When I was in Excel Communications back in the 90s (I left a secure job at IBM to do MLM full time – crazy, eh?) I was on a team of 880,000 people and a few people in my upline were making 6 figures a month. We had a meeting (not a convention – just a meeting) at the San Jose Shark Tank with over 22,000 distributors there. I remember sitting next to my friend and upline sponsor , Dr. Kevin Pine, (we did meetings at his gorgeous home in Hillsborough overlooking the San Francisco Bay)  and he said: “Everyone here is in my downline“. I’ll never forget looking out on the sea of excited cheering reps (Kenny Trout, our CEO, had just announced 10 cents a minute (LOL))  and saying “my team will look like this some day”!

Kevin was in Excel when it was in momentum and went from $500 million in revenue to $1.2 billion a year in 18 months – and his paycheck went through the roof too.  When I hit the top of the pay plan the momentum was slowing down but I still  made more than I did at IBM – Excel was in the Inc 500, IPOed on the NY stock exchange (I made a nice profit on that!) and kind of legitimized Network Marketing for a lot of people at that time – we had senators, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. on our teams and that old adage “Is that one of them Pyramid Deals” changed to statements like “Are you in yet?”. It is so easy to build during momentum it is a rare opportunity to catch that wave at just the right time.

However, the run ended in the early 2000s (I didn’t even bother going to convention in 2002) when the company went retail and dumped over a million distributors (watch my struggle video and see if you can relate).

I was talking to my dear friend and Business partner, Stephane Page,  the other day and he told me he made Chair Person (click here to see how much a the average Chair Person makes) due to just 6 guys, but one of those guys helped us open Korea. People think you need to be a great salesman or great at holding huge Hotel meetings (I did Hotel meetings in Santa Clara every week for 7 years) but that is not the case. Stephane struggled for years but never lost focus, and Sandra & I are still standing after all the struggles too. As I sit writing this blog from the forest canopy I must say it was worth it!

Manifesting Your Dreams

Sandra & I have had a dream board (all MLMers should have one) for over 20 years now and it changes from year to year. We used to hang it up all over the house, in fact I had it in my car during those long commutes to the J.O.B. On that board we dad dream cars, boats, vacations in Europe, Cruises, etc., but the biggest dream was to have a beautiful home on a Mountain, with a Pool, Spa, and a vineyard too. Back in the SF Bay where we lived  these were going for about $3 million which seemed an impossible dream…but we never stopped focusing on the vision instead of the doubt.  As I write this blog I sit in our dream home with a pool, spa, and vineyard, and get to work from home with my lovely bride. Our dream cars are in the garage, our boat is tucked into the forest on an RV/boat pad, and I get to login and watch our business grow worldwide every morning. It did not happen overnight but as Tony Robbins puts it, you have to deal with “lag time” – just do not lose focus and do not get distracted or worry about what other people think!

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Believe it and You’ll See It”  says it perfectly…are you ready to go beyond doubt?

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox

Tim Sales 3XFatLoss Program Review

3xfatloss-timTim Sales new 3xFatLoss affiliate program went public in January of 2016 and thousands of people are already discovering why 3XFatLoss and the women’s version called 3XWeightLoss are like no other diet programs on the planet.  I can speak from experience and if you look on the side of my blog here you will see my before and after pictures (not sure how the volleyball got in my belly (LOL) but it is gone now). The 3X weight loss programs are going to be real game changers in the weight loss industry.

3XFatLoss Was Over 2 Years in the Making

In November of 2013 Tim Sales and Stephane Page did a special conference call announcing what Tim called “The Ultimate Marketing Funnel”. There were 1,000 lines available and the call was maxed out before it even started – Tim Sales has a huge following and we did not want to miss out on this. Fortunately I recorded the call and I posted the recording on my “Tim Sales Ultimate Sales Funnel Training” blog (this has been a fabulous lead magnet and I had several people listen to that call and join my team because of it). Tim, Stephane, and I had just returned from the ARIIX Elite Retreat Incentive Cruise before that call and I remember my head being in the clouds on where ARIIX was headed.

3XFatLoss Is The Right Program At The Right Time

Did you know 70% of Americans are overweight? Considering all the weight loss programs out there something is obviously not working so the timing on 3XFatLoss is perfect. Losing weight and feeling better than you have in years is a wonderful thing, I am living proof how much better life can be after losing weight (see my Weight loss Testimonial). When I lost over 60 pounds I was ecstatic as I had tried every diet on the planet and had pretty much given up on diets. With the 3xFatLoss program being so effective it is exciting to be able to help others do the same thing and know the program works (not hype).

Radically New Approach to Weight Loss

Almost everybody has been programmed to think losing weight is about exercising and reducing calories – is that you too?  The 3xFatloss system includes years of research done by Tim & Laura Sales on the real reason people cannot lose weight and the data is presented in a series of what I found to be profound video webinars (with quizzes at the end).  The course will teach you why GMO foods, sugar laden foods,  (watch the “Fed Up” trailer video on my Holy Grail of Weight Loss blog), how pollution is affecting your ability to burn fat, and how what we have been taught about losing weight is totally wrong. If you ever plan on losing weight the 3X training alone is worth the fully refundable $97 cost.


 Making Money With 3xFatLoss

While many people are only interested in losing weight there are some of us (I love working from home on the Mountain) that are interested in making money too.

On a recent 3xFatLoss training webinar Tim did with us he went through the numbers from the first marketing campaign and  for the month of January the Affiliate commissions were over $10,000 (without making 1 phone call). Not having to do sales calls is a very attractive to many people who do not like sales but would like the extra income, and also very attractive to people who do not have time to build a business.  Another nice aspect of this marketing funnel is there is zero hype, the numbers do not lie.

Here is a clip from that training where Tim Sales goes through the numbers:

NOTE: If you have trouble watching this click here to watch on Youtube

Did you hear the numbers? Here is a recap:

Sales Revenues

  • 292 prospects watched the 3x Fat Loss video
  • Of the 292 prospects that watched there were 177 who went to the Order Page
  • Of the 177 who went to the order page 164 of them purchased the training
  • Of the 164 who bought the affiliate program at $97 ($15,908 gross) 31 of them bought 3X Clinical Packs  at $399.99 ($12,399.69 gross)

Commissions Generated:

Affiliate commissions @53% (goes up as you get more sales) of $15,908 = $8,431.24
Clinical Pack Sales Commissions at 15% of $12,399.69 = $1,859.95
Total Monthly Commissions =  $10,291.19

There is one thing I forgot to mention – to get paid on the clinical pack sales clients must upgrade and become an ARIIX Distributor for $29.95 after they complete the 3X program. If they do this then they can get paid like all of the ARIIX distributors get paid (the patented ARIIX Compensation Plan was voted best in the industry).

3xFatLoss Marketing Funnels

When you become an affiliate for $97 you gain access to a robust marketing system including many “Marketing Funnels” (with tracking). The 3X marketing funnels are PROVEN (i.e. January marketing campaign yielded over $10,000 without making 1 sales call) campaigns where  Tim & Laura Sales do the presenting for you (men’s funnel).

Take a test drive by clicking one of the banners below:

3x Fat Loss for Men

3x Weight Loss for Women



Tim Sales Game Changer


Want to lose weight, make extra money, or both?  Send me a note on my Contact page   and I will get right back to you.

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox
The Mountain Networker


I watched a Jim Carry and Oprah Winfrey video on Youtube this morning that so inspired me! It was about Clarity and the Power of Intention – how you manifest the life of your dreams. On last night’s team training call my dear friend Stephane Page was talking about Clarity and how it has affected his life, how our team is flourishing, and how 2016 looks the best ever.  We had people from all over the Happy New Year 2016world on the call and you could feel the magic and camaraderie as we all shared this vision together.  It reminded me of that Pat Benatar song where she says “I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line…all fired up!” – well, there is no doubt this is really happening!

Recognizing the Signs

Sandra & I were out and about in Napa yesterday and I had to smile as “everything fell in line” starting with a car pulling out (normally there is never a parking spot there, but that was the old way of thinking, where you buy into the old programming and negativity that says you’ll never get a parking spot) and everything we did and everywhere we went was full of magic and synchronicity. The little Thai restaurant on Main street had an open table as we walked in and sat right down but looking back I saw a lineup suddenly stretching out the door – what timing! At the end of lunch a 3 year old boy  stopped by our table to say hi and his incredible smile summed it up – love was in the air!

This was just the beginning and as we walked along the Napa river by shops and Bistros doing our “town trip” errands (we don’t get off the Mountain much) we met people who were full of kind words for no reason whatsoever and it seemed there was an unusual amount of laughter going on too. As we walked hand in hand and frequently looked at each other with love and gratitude in our eyes it reinforced the knowing that all is right in the Universe (in spite of what CNN says). As we swung into the Parking lot of our Chiropractor, our last stop before coming back up the Mountain, I felt incredible gratitude as I realized I was giving him a book I had just been published in, it was a good feeling!

Being published has been a dream of mine since I was 16 years old when I “crossed over to the other side” but I had never had the courage to talk about it much, at least until now (read my chapter in Change Series Book 8). Then guess what happened…Dr. B was with a patient so we talked to his assistant who was very curious on what the book was about – which lead to an amazing conversation. She was not only excited to hear my confession about being afraid to discuss my trip to the other side but she told us into an almost identical story, where she had gone into the light on the other side and was also been afraid to talk about it much too. That subconcious programming where we think we need to live up to other’s expectations is strong – nobody want to look weird, right? Her story was even more dramatic than mine as she used to have “Grand Mal” seizures and had crossed over more than once.  Sandra and I have known her for years but never talked like this before – it was a deep connection! It was another sign we were in the right place at the right time and the synchronicity was uncanny.

When Dr. B came out to greet us he was not only excited about my coming out of the closet and publishing my story he shared some of his deep incite on what it will mean moving forward (he is a great healer in more ways than one), then flipped forward in my book to put a sticky note on my section. We all had big hugs and then Sandra & I had a magical trip up the mountain with the sun and dramatic cloud formations peaking out around every corner. More signs continued into the night as we sipped wine under the heat lamp and watched the Phoenix Constellation of stars rise above the mountain range across valley – totally magic!  After dinner in our  Hot tub in the forest an Owl flew so close to my head I could feel the wind – another sign…

It brought back memories as I thought back to the evening Sandra & I went to see Dr. Eben Alexander in Santa Rosa talk about his crossing over to the other side  and how Dr. B and his wife had sat a few rows behind us.

Embracing Change to Manifest Your Dreams

compound-effectIt does not happen overnight. I remember reading and practicing the principles in Darren Hardy’s book  “The Compound Effect” (one of the assignments in our team training course) and incorporating consistent changes in my life – little ones which lead to bigger changes. I started doing treadmill at optimal heart rate and watching Tony Robbins webinars daily and eventually tracking the days in a spreadsheet. I got addicted to doing this before breakfast and then after watching some of Dr. Wayne Dyer webinars I adopted daily 4 am meditations too (back when I had a J.O.B. I had to get up at 4 am  anyway to get to work by 6am – my commute was 136 miles to San Leandro). I noticed yesterday I have done over 265 days on the treadmill and 172 days of daily meditation too. Wow – talk about change!

As my friend and Mentor, Jim Britt, says in his course “The Power of Letting Go”- you must be willing to let go of your old habits and become an observer of your thoughts and habits to truly change your life. You just need to get started and the Compound Effect will do the rest. First of all you need to recognize your unconscious behavior patterns and then you need to take action. The subconcious mind is like a computer and if you put garbage in you get garbage out – aka your life is chaotic. When you become an observer of your mind and the endless stream of pointless thinking (especially at 3 am, eh?) you have taken the first step to a real change. If you don’t change you will continue to get what you got – I like Einstein’s description of insanity – “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.

Sandra & I live and live and work together day in and day out and if we did not walk the talk (not always perfect of course)  and embrace “The Power of Letting Go” we would go crazy…argue a lot and probably get divorced too (seen a lot of this going on out there).   Whether it is money, success, or having a wonderful relationship, embracing change will allow you to change your life.

2016 is YOUR opportunity to learn this profound skill of Letting Go,  being more concious, learn to marvel at how the Law of Attraction is at work in all you do, and make the changes you need to change your life forever.

On that note I am going to embed 2 videos I believe may help you kick off 2016 with a renewed attitude and feel the inspiration that is your birthright.


Jim Carry & Oprah Winfrey – Clarity and The Power of Intention

And this last video is a long one but I think you will find it invaluable as you “rewrite your story” in 2016. Tony Robbins is one of my heroes that has helped our whole family (including our son) rewrite our stories and tap into “The Giant Within” as he calls it. This is one of my favorites and is called the “Hour of Power” – when you add this in your daily schedule in 2016 you will be absolutely floored on the changes that will happen for you.

Tony Robbins – Hour of Power

I have watched this video many times now and I always find more value in this talk. Click here to watch it on Youtube now.

Make 2016 the best year of your life!

Just an FYI – Success in life is not the things or money you have – success is the amount of Joy you feel!  Listen to your heart and do what feels good, flow freely with the river of life and everything will fall in line.

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox

PS-If you want your first change in 2016 to be losing weight and getting your Mojo back, click here to watch this video by Tim Sales – it rocks!

Eric Worre Marcus Cox

Eric Worre & Marcus at Break Through Summit in San Diego, CA

Eric Worre, author of the Book Go Pro in Network Marketing, has just produced a video documentary called “Rise of the Entrepreneur – The Search for a Better Way” and it explains why the old way of making a living and job security is over. It explains how the economy is creating a new level of poverty, how the unemployment statistics are understated, and how millions of displaced workers will cause a change in the way people make a living – basically it will force people to become Entrepreneurs or live in poverty! The old concepts of get an education and a good job are done for and if people do not become Entrepreneurs they are going to have a hard time of it – it is a good wake up call!

I have been blogging on this topic for years and watched as the Network Marketing industry got larger and larger each year, and if you read my “The Perfect Retirement Plan – Are You Ready” blog you know how it is helping millions prepare for retirement. Considering the Baby Boomer generation is retiring by the millions (or being forced out of the workforce whether they like it or not) this industry is going to grow even faster now. It is not a matter of does Network Marketing work ($178 Billion a year and millions of families benefiting from it – nuff said) it is more a matter of which opportunity works best for you and what’s YOUR passion? If you are already in Network Marketing “The Rise of the Entrepreneur – the Search for a Better Way” is a good way to educate people you know on how good this business is and why they might want to work with you.

Watch the trailer and you will see what I mean:

Rise of the Entrepreneur – a Global Event

$178 Billion is not just a massive amount of revenue it is also a massive amount of commission. While regular companies pay almost 50% of revenue on advertising Network Marketing companies pay an average of 40% of revenues in commissions – and if you do the math that is over $71 billion in commissions going to millions of families world wide.

Here is another one of my favorite videos on this subject, by Robert Kiyosaki, author of NY Times Best Seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad:

Robert Kiyosaki – The Perfect Business

Can you relate? I read Robert’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book while I was in corporate America and it made a lot of sense at the time. However, like most people I did not pay much attention at first – I had a high paying “secure job” at a Fortune 500 Company so why would I be interested in one of those Pyramid things. Fortunately (did not seem fortunate it at the time) going through 2 of the largest layoffs in history changed my perspective.

Layoffs – the Perfect Wake up Call

Getting laid off is rough! My first layoff was at AT&T (where I thought I was totally secure with “Ma Bell”) during the big divestiture/downsizing – I was one of tens of thousands who were laid off. The second big layoff I witnessed was at IBM when over 100,000 people were given notice and even though I was not one of them I remember all the empty offices and sad faces my friends/co-workers had. I came back from vacation and almost everyone in my building had been laid off – it was like a ghost town! The last layoff I experienced was when my Boss (he was the CIO) got laid off/replaced by another CIO who had been laid off from another company – after I had been there 5 years and finally qualified for a second week of vacation (LOL) – I remember training one of the new guys (the new CIO had brought over some of his team that had also been laid off) to do my job – I knew what was next! Fortunately I had built my MLM business to the point I didn’t need that job anymore and I sure didn’t miss the stress and 136 mile commute either!

Anyway, can you relate to all this? Do you wonder what you would do if you got laid off? How long can you last without that steady paycheck coming in? Ready for a Plan B? There are some key elements to look for.

Eric Worre’s 4 Key Elements On Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company

Eric Worre’s Rise of the Entrepreneur Documentary lists 4 key elements to look for when choosing a Network Marketing Company – the following short video puts these in perspective:

Make sense? Those 4 key elements are important but there is a 5th key element that is also very important in choosing the right company and that is called the Distributor Bill of Rights.

The 5th Key Element In choosing the Right Network Marketing Company

If you read my previous blog about Min and Julie Ho losing their multi-million a year income , or Visalus Terminates Top Earners blog (their revenue and distributor base have tanked big time since then), then you have an idea why the Bill of Rights is so important. I have seen so many high flying companies rocket up to stardom and then rocket down in a big way.

If you want some of the skinny on what can happen to you without the Bill of Rights check some of the lawsuits being filed by Dstributors against their MLM company  (i.e. Juenesse is a hugely popular Network Marketing company with “Great Momentum” etc. but one of the Top Earners, Matt Nesler, sued the company for hundreds of thousands he was not paid – not to mention terminated for dubious reasons).  Another clause in the bill of rights states no compensation plan changes – in the past I had  2 companies change the compensation plan and crash my check. In one company I had thousands of distributors in multiple countries but after they changed the compensation plan (called it an “enhancement”) my paycheck dropped 90% over night! All my leaders bailed along with their teams, in fact my upline who had even bigger teams also bailed.

If you are thinking of joining a Network Marketing Company I suggest you do your due diligence and as Tim Sales says: “Don’t be dazzled by the chrome”. In fact if you are serious about starting your plan B I suggest you watch Tim Sales video, 5 Key Elements to Choosing the Right MLM Company, so you can choose carefully. Time is precious and you do not want to waste years of it with the wrong company.

My 2 bits….

Choose a Company That Cares

If you are like so many other Network Marketers that are so tired of the Betrayal and hype (I was so done) you will appreciate the following video and get a good chance to hear why this company is different. I know the Management Team personally and they have the highest integrity, not to mention they are brilliant. They are also veterans as the last Network Marketing company they ran went to over half a billion a year – they know how to do it again.

They also have a great sense of Humor too! I just got a Facebook post showing them having fun after touring Europe and Japan spending long days speaking to thousands of Standing room only crowds (see if you can figure out who the CEO, President, COO, CPO, and VP of Asia are – LOL) .

Defenders of the MLM Industry

Defenders of the MLM Industry


How about you? Want to work with us?

Click here and let me know…

Cheers from the Mountain!
Marcus Cox
The Mountain Networker

The Change Book 8It is exciting to be part of a new book that is growing in popularity quickly – Book #8 of the “Change Series – Insights into Self Empowerment”. It is not only exciting it is inspiring and that is what I’ll blog about today: Inspiration.

(Click anywhere on the cover image to the left to purchase a copy)

Dr. Wayne Dyer said it well in his book “Inspiration – Your Ultimate Calling” and when we read that we were hooked. Sandra & I have been totally inspired lately but what is really inspiring is how everything is falling in line!

Getting Ready for Change

If you read Darren Hardy’s book,  “The Compound Effect”, you know how little changes turn into big changes and how success is inevitable if you stay focused and committed to change. I am witness to this wonderful process and am thankful I made the changes required to become an Entrepreneur and live a life of freedom and Grace.  As I watch other people on our team leave their jobs to work full time from home like I do I feel a special sense of pride and joy knowing my brothers and sisters had to go through many changes to be able to live their dreams. I am especially proud of my good friend and Business partner, Stephane Page, who just made “Chair Person” in our company and like me did 98% of the work on the internet…that means this work from home thing is really possible!  You just have to believe in yourself and do the work (btw – if you are curious what Chairperson pays click here to see our average earnings report).

How Do You Know it Is Time for Change?

I remember being sort of “dumbed out” a few years ago, and I was basically a tired overweight undernourished sugar addict.  All that processed GMO laced food (not to mention fast food!) and sugar goodies not only had me over 250 pounds but kind of made me grumpy now that I think about it. I was always hungry even though I ate all the time and looking in the mirror was a bit scary too! When I was getting dressed I could see “fat flaps” that hung down and they were not pretty. Pretty depressing now that I think about it…and feeling depressed is not conducive to inspiration!

Reawakening the Spark

Ever heard of ATP? It is like a spark that your 10 billion+ cells communicate with and without good communication your body, mind, and spirit are having a hard time communicating – and you are not having much fun anymore either. To get that spark back you need good nutrition and you are not going to find it in processed food commonly found on supermarket shelves.  Even though people are figuring out they need to supplement the foods they eat many do not know another issue making them feel run down – most of the vitamin/mineral supplements out there are not what they claim they are (read my “Millions of Consumers Duped by Fake Supplements”  Blog). Obesity is a global epidemic and it appears to be getting worse too – that is unless more people change their habits and ways. Are you ready for change?

Change Phase 1

Get on some industrial strength nutritionals (check out for details) and reawaken that spark you have lost. When you have the good nutrition losing weight will actually seem easy – and best yet you are not hungry all the time either. When Sandra & I lost 90+ pounds it was like a rebirth experience and thanks to the good nutrition we have never put the weight back on either.

Change Phase 2

Next, now that you’re not hungry/grumpy all the time you will see your attitude change and life gets to be more fun  now. You will probably see your temperament go from grumpy to stoked, and perhaps even find inspiration  starting to permeate your life.  When you are inspired, “miracles happen” and you get to marvel at the gifts life is presenting you (attitude of gratitude kicks in too). You feel connected to what Deepak Chopra describes in his book, “Creating Affluence” as Pure Potentiality. When you tap into this you will also see your doubt disappear, your life is abundant, and you will meet a whole new group of people of “like mind”. The law of Attraction is very real and learning how to leverage it is one of the greatest keys to your success.

Inspiration Corner

We have a peaceful place in the living room that we hardly ever used – until recently. It has stacks of books on the table beside our couch and now it has a Kindle there too. Every morning we read these amazing books by amazing authors and feel a flood of inspiration before the day begins.  That’s just one part of what is going on around here. About 200 days ago I found myself reading The Compound Effect and getting s notion to run on a treadmill every day. Then we started to read these incredible books and watch inspiring webinars (thank you Tony Robbins!) and get more and more inspired. Then Jim Britt’s Rings of Truth book shows up (Sandra had bought it many years ago) and we got inspired even more reading that. Then Dr. Dyer shows up and we can’t stop reading his books either… and suddenly I feel this urge to start meditating daily at 4 am like Wayne does (I was a Monk for 4 years and used to meditate for hours every day – starting 3 am every day).  Things have really changed!

Watching Things Fall In line

Getting up at 4 am and doing all this inspirational stuff is great but it usually doe not last (i.e. lose weight and put it back on again – I did this for decades).  The only break I took from this 4 am routine was to go on an incredible Mediterranean Cruise with my lovely wife and have the time of our lives in so many spectacular places (the doubter tried to convince us to cancel due to Syrian refugees, ISIS, etc. etc. since we were going to Turkey which was, according to the news, flooded with refugees and “very dangerous”).  That trip was on our bucket list for decades too – wow – it was fabulous! Our business even grew while we were away and by the time we got back we were listed as #16 in the company (of 35,000+ Distributors) for having the most preferred customers. My friend and business partner, Stephane Page,  did a little 2 minute video on it:

I think one of the best things about being one of the top customer gatherers in the company is the fact you KNOW the products are making people happy when they choose yours over the zillion competitors out there. I put up a web site for the whole team to use at – check it out and you will see why we have so many customers now.

Manifesting Your Dreams

This is where it really gets good! One of my biggest dreams since I was a teenager was to write a book about my “Crossing over to the other side” when I was in a coma from a car wreck. I was always afraid of what people would think and placing more value on their opinion than my own – can you believe that! Well, I had the chance to change all this and I told my truth in the “Change Book”  that just got published: The Change Series Book 8 – My chapter is called “Going Beyond The Box” and if you get a chance to read it I am sure you will agree it is certainly out of the box!

How The Change Book Series Is Changing Lives World Wide

In a recent interview about the Change Book Series book on Blog Talk radio, famous author and Mentor, Mr. Jim Britt,explained how the Change Series books are affecting lives in over 20 countries and why it was recently touted as a #1 best seller on

Here is the interview:

Are you still here!  Wow – I am impressed – I’ll bet you and I have a lot in common! Here’s one more thing…

News Flash – New Product Launch Game Changer

One More Thing on this “Falling In Line” thing – and this is especially important for anyone who has tried network marketing but given up on it. If you are one of the 95% of the fledgling Network Marketers (even seasoned vets who threw in the towel) who gave up on their dreams of being successful in Network Marketing you have a second chance.  As you may know, Network Marketing is now a $768 billion dollar industry so it is not the business model that does not work – it is the baggage between our ears that prevents true success? Perhaps the biggest part of that baggage is most people do not believe they can do this business or have a crazy notion the products were too expensive etc. etc.  Dr. Dyer has a book titles “Believe it and You’ll See It” and I’ll bet you know the opposite phrase “I’ll Believe it when I see it” right? Well this new product launch is a game changer since it literally makes you look younger in 90 seconds – you can watch your wrinkles disappear in real time – No hype, no photoshop, and even has a money back guarantee (watch a couple of the Jouve videos and see for yourself)

Inspiring stuff is it not?!

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox




Ode to Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer died late Saturday night, August 29th,  and though it saddens me I know he is enjoying his return to “source” or Tao. Dr. Dyer touched Sandra & my lives in a big way over the years, and amazingly, in just the last 2 weeks we started reading his books again – daily!

Dr. Dyer described leaving this world as “moving on to his next great adventure” and I know without a doubt he is living it this very second. His legacy is a wonderful one and I thank him and his words of wisdom as they inspire me during the trials and tribulations we all experience.  I cannot tell you how many times I have bought into the drama of the egoic life and been confused and worried about future or past – and caught my ego-I trying to control everything and keep me from feeling the Divine everywhere I go.   His advice to “let go and let God” are perfect and lead to an inspired life.

Dr Wayne Dyer on “Inspiration – Your Ultimate Calling”

Going back a few months before Dr. Dyer’s moving on to his next great adventure I witnessed  a resurgence of Spirit in our house and some VERY inspiring events happening in sequence (one of the signs of living in-spirit). Sandra & I adopted a new routine several months ago of reading inspirational books for an hour before breakfast every day, and we also added in regular runs on our treadmill.  On the treadmill I have my laptop plugged into an amplifier with speakers & sub woofer hooked up and often will “crank it up” while Tony Robbins or other inspirational speakers encourage us to change our focus and eliminate the negative thoughts completely. Between Dr. Dyer, Tony Robbins, Tim Sales, Jim Britt, and many more, we are flooded with an amazing new energy and inspiration and are marveling how “things are falling in line”!

How do we know?  Here are some of the clues:

Living the Inspired Life

Back when I was a young Yoga teacher I was completely inspired, full of conviction and purpose, and it seemed I had “miraculous” events occur all the time. I would have continual “aha moments” while reading some of the most profound books on the planet (no TV while living in a Van – just stacks of books!).  Some times when I was teaching a class I would be talking about Patanjali  (Father of Yoga) and how he described inspiration as watching your thoughts break all barriers, or your consciousness expanding in all directions,  just as one of my students was wondering about that very subject. It was almost spooky as they would come up to me after class and ask me if I was reading their minds.  Actually, it has nothing to do with “me” but is part of being inspired and it has a lot of names too (i.e. Maslow called it Self Actualizing). I like to see it as receiving similar signals or vibrations and being in tune – you are just in sympathy or “vibrating” at the same rate. I witnessed this inspired process for over a decade as I eventually went to India to study under some Yoga Masters and Gurus back in the 70s, in fact I was so dedicated to “Realizing God in this lifetime” I became a Monk for many years and lived a life of Service and great inspiration.

That was over 40 years ago and since leaving the Monastery “normal life” has made me pretty normal – take a look at my fat before and after pic on the right hand side and you can see just how normal I became!

Inspiration Returned

If you have read some of my blogs here you know it has not been a bowl of Cherries living in the Matrix! So many times the magic of inspiration has been replaced by F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and more than I care to admit I forgot my Divine calling and source. As Dr. Dyer says, the Ego means “Edge God Out and I certainly have done a lot of that over the years…until recently!

Inspiration is flooding our household these days and I marvel at the synchronicity in motion. In addition to being transformed by Tony Robbins (Tony’s description of living in-spirit is living “in state”) we have also been plugging into Dr. Dyer’s Youtube videos too (love the show he did Oprah Winfrey on Tao te Ching – one of my favorite books).  Sandra overheard me watching that video on the treadmill that day and when I got off she had several of Dr. Dyer’s books in her hands – they had been put away for years!  Coincidence? Not likely!

That was a few weeks ago and we have been reading his books, feeling inspired, and smiling as we almost finish each other’s sentences sometimes (synchronicity is another sign you are inspirit).  It was Sunday morning while I was reading Dr. Dyer “Inspiration – Your True Calling” book that Sandra saw the news on her phone about Dr. Dyer…I had just finished reading “Let Go and Let God” .

Dr. Dyer is walking the talk as he always has, and again I thank him for all his work in this world.

Here is a short video by him on why you should embrace change:

My Pledge to Dr. Dyer

As the great artist Van Goethe said, reading a book about inspiration isn’t enough, and you cannot simple wait for it to arrive. To be inspired you must inspire others and on that note I hope this blog has inspired you. Sandra & I are dedicated to helping others feel inspired and we are excited about helping this world become a better place as a result.

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus & Sandra Cox

PS- If you want to see some inspiring videos by Dr. Dyer I have put up a web site with many of his videos at Going Beyond The Box”


Billy Joel Michael Pollack – Take a Chance

This video where a guy in the audience (Michael Pollack) asks Billy Joel if he can play New York State of Mind with him on stage is a classic example you need to take chances. Since then this video went viral and Michael Pollack has now been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Sirius XM Radio, and The Jeff Probst Show as well as countless others. This is all because Michael “took a chance”.

Check it out:

Take a Chance

How about you? Are you ready to take a chance and change your life forever? One of my favorite sayings  from the Tao Tse Ching, “To Hold, you must first open your hand. Let Go” sums it up – you must open your mind to new possibilities and take some chances.

Have you ever pre-judged something and formed opinions in your head that prevented you from taking a chance? Do you wonder where you might have been if you had “taken a chance” many years ago? I have taken a lot of chances in my life, in fact one of my favorite memories of taking a chance was when I took a chance and asked my wife out on a date in New Jersey.  We were in computer classes at an AT&T Corporate Education center in Princeton New Jersey and I remember when I first saw her I was smitten. Of course the first things that went through my mind was all the doubts and reasons why it wouldn’t work, she lived in NC and I’m in California, etc.. Fortunately I “took a chance” and after  26 years of incredible times with my lovely lady I can say it was more than worth taking a chance!

Take a Chance and Start Your Own Business

In my last blog about the Forbes Magazine article on Retirement I mentioned there are about 75 million Baby Boomers thinking about starting a Home Business – and that is just in the USA..  It can be risky though. I have a friend who invested $500,000 to open a Pizza Fusion franchise but the timing was off –  when the economy tanked so did his Pizza business (he wasn’t alone!).  My wife and I went through a lot of grief too. We were accumulating properties with little or nothing down for decades (remember those Carlton sheets seminars?) and when the Real Estate market tanked we went form multimillionaires (on paper) to “upside down”. I have also had “secure jobs with a Fortune 500 companies” only to get laid off (I witnessed some of the largest layoffs in history at IBM and AT&T). If I had not taken a chance and invested the time and money in my Network Marketing career I would not have the health (physical and financial) and peace of mind I do now. When I was laid off at my last Silicon Valley “high paying job” just before Christmas of 2006 (thank you God!) I was ready to go full time in Network Marketing and not look back.

How about you? Are you ready to “take a chance” this year and kick start your Plan B? Don’t let “the disease of long thinking” paralyze you and keep you from realizing your dreams – take a chance – send me an email and let me know.

Wishing you and your family a very special Holiday Season,

Cheers from the Mountain!

Marcus Cox


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